17 Jul 2002

American Samoa commemorates cessation of Manu'a to the US in 1904

4:40 pm on 17 July 2002

American Samoa is celebrating a public holiday today to commemorate the 98th anniversary of Samoa's most eastern islands being ceded to the United States.

But a senior legislator from the Manu'a, Sao Nua, says the territorial government pays little attention to the island group.

He says from health services to schools and from transportation to economic development, Manu'a gets second rate service.

"I believe that Manua is treated very differently from people living in Tutuila. People live in Tutuila, get fully support by our government here in as far as develop of family and economys here, but in Manua I believe they have some, but not all the services as provided by the Government here in Tutuila."

Last week, Manu'a legislators introduced bills to build a morgue in the outer islands, provoide a government subisdy for travel and cargo transportation there and improve the health dispensaries in Ta'u and Ofu islands.