17 Jul 2002

ACP leaders arrive in Fiji

5:49 pm on 17 July 2002

Hundreds of delegates to the summit of leaders from the African, Caribbean and Pacific group of countries have today been welcomed to Fiji.

Discussions between ACP delegates will begin tomorrow with the full summit on Friday during which the group hopes to adopt a common position for their aid and trade negotiations with the European Union in September.

Meanwhile, protests are taking place in Nadi in defiance of pleas not to do so from the Government, the denial of permits and the threat of prosecution.

Members of the NGO Coalition on Human Rights have staged a peaceful protest outside the Fiji Public Servants Association office midway between Nadi Airport and the Sheraton Denarau Resort where the ACP sumimit is taking place.

They have been joined by representatives of the PSA who are protesting against the sacking of its members by the state owned Airports Fiji Ltd.

An association representative, Krishna Chetty, told Radio Fiji the protest is all about their rights under the Cotonou Agreement which ACP states, including Fiji, have pledged to uphold.