20 Jul 2002

NZ voters in American Samoa will have to cast election votes in Samoa

10:08 am on 20 July 2002

New Zealanders living in American Samoa who qualify to vote in the upcoming New Zealand election will have to travel to Samoa to cast their ballots.

The New Zealand High Commission in Samoa says they will accepting ballots between July the 18th and July the 26th from voters in Pago Pago and Apia.

The latest count in Samoa indicates that there are about 1-thousand qualified New Zealand voters residing in Apia, compared to only 270 in the last election.

The latest count in American Samoa shows about 1-hundred New Zealanders reside in the territory.

There has been an increase due to the number of New Zealand construction companies based in Pago Pago.

There are also many Samoans holding New Zealand citizenship who have returned to Pago Pago to work where salaries are paid in US dollars.