20 Jul 2002

Solomon Islands says reinvigoration of productive centre is answer to economic woes

10:14 am on 20 July 2002

The Solomon Islands government says it is now able to see the long-term answer to the country's problems.

According to the prime minister's office the solution lies in the re-invigoration of the productive centre shattered in the recent ethnic conflict.

George Atkin reports that the productive centre is identified as the revenues generated from the export of fish, copra, cocoa, timber, manufacturing and mining and tourism.

"The Prime Minister's office says while donor support will continue to help in the short term, the assistance is more like a Band-aid than a cure for the real problems facing Solomon Islands. But he says re-invigoration will mean hard work and real commitment to the peace process and law and order. The Prime Minister's office says the government is heartened that many communities are coming forward to resolve disputes and allowing industries to be rejuvenated. But the government notes that economic recovery will not be visible until next year, although efforts to reform the economy during the next six months will be exerted."