20 Jul 2002

ACP delegates sign 94 point Nadi Declaration

10:02 am on 20 July 2002

Leaders from African, Caribbean and Pacific countries meeting in Fiji have unanimously adopted the Nadi Declaration.

The declaration, among other things, commits the 78-member group to global peace, security, stability, sustainable development and poverty eradication and includes a pledge to combat all forms of terrorism.

It strongly condemns the September 11th attacks on the United States.

There are 94 articles in the Nadi Declaration, most of them forming the basis for fresh trade and aid negotiations between the ACP and the European Union beginning in September.

Several articles deal with the environment including a call for the immediate stop to the shipment of nuclear and other hazardous wastes through the Pacific.

As well, the Nadi Declaration expresses concern about the rate of climate change and sea level rise, saying it threatens the very existence of some of the ACP member states.