25 Jul 2002

New Zealand to launch Pacific radio network

4:50 pm on 25 July 2002

The New Zealand government and the Pacific National Radio Trust Board have announced the station responsible for a new Pacific FM radio service.

Pasefika Communications Network has been chosen to deliver programming for the service which is due to go on air nationwide on September 1st.

The chair of the Pacific National Radio Trust Board, Simitiva Perese, says PCN will provide radio programming driven by Pacific communities nationwide and will be a non-profit organisation.

The goverment has allocated 3-point-6 million US dollars over four years to establish and run the network.

He says tough measures are in place to ensure transparency and quality programming that Pacific people can relate to.

"We certainly very much will be keeping an eye on governance issues and looking to ensure that the provider meets the expectations that are set out in the contract in terms of the commitment to ensuring that there is quality broadcasting available for the vernacular services and emphasis on looking out for our young people"

Simitiva Perese