26 Jul 2002

SolomonS Government figures show huge overspending

4:02 pm on 26 July 2002

The six monthly fiscal update from the Solomon Islands Government shows that spending in some departments is millions of dollars over budget.

This, despite the Government's stated intention in the Budget earlier this year, to cut expenditure by 40 percent.

The figures show that departments such as the Office of the Prime Minister, and Police have spent their annual budgets within the first six months.

The revelations come as the Opposition Leader Patteson Oti calls on the Government to reconvene Parliament urgently.

He says the Government must follow through with its earlier commitment to reduce the public service payroll.

"that basically, anybody would have to do that under this government or any government for that matter, and I think the responsibility now lies in the hands of the present government...unfortunately it has taken them seven months now and the people are no longer having any confidence in what the government says it would do"

Patteson Oti.