30 Jul 2002

Solomons Government says it has no concerns about how Australia distributes aid

7:01 pm on 30 July 2002

The Solomon Islands government says Australia has a right to direct its aid where it sees fit and its decision to channel it directly to the rural areas is not a sign of distrust in the administration.

George Atkin reports.

"Acting Foreign affairs minister, Nollen Leni, says, its entirely up to the Australian Government where in the solomon Islands, it channels its' aid to, the level,and the frequency of the assistance. Canberra has announced that its' aid to the solomon Islands will be sent direct to the rural areas.My OOna says the Government accepts that under the current situation, aid donors, including australia would impose certain conditions on the assistance they give. Government critics and the opposition have claimed that Canberras decision to channel its aid assistance direct to the rural solomon islands, indicate mistrust in the government of Sir Alan Kemakeiza. But Sir alan has said that his government is pleased with the australian government decision because it means pumping direct assistance to the rural areas."