31 Jul 2002

Police hope to speak with murder suspect Wednesday

3:57 am on 31 July 2002

Solomon Islands police have yet to question the alleged killer of New Zealander Kevin O'Brien, but hope to do so today.

Mr O'Brien was stabbed to death by a worker at the construction company site where he was a supervisor, in February this year.

The alleged killer, Uriel Deramo, has been in Honiara for more than a week after he had eluded authorities on Malaita for months.

Police say that Deramo has been in the custody of a family member and a lawyer since he arrived in Honiara.

It was earlier revealed that while on Malaita Deramo was harboured by family members including a brother who is a police man.

Jackson Ofu of Solomon Islands CID says they have spoken with Deramo but have not taken him in for questioning because his lawyer is out of the capital.

He is expected back today.

Mr Ofu says they agreed to wait until the lawyer returned before formally questioning the man, because, he says, this case is unlike any other.