6 Aug 2002

Forum to be told that Solomons needs more help

7:21 pm on 6 August 2002

An Eminent Persons Group which visited Solomon Islands last month says the country needs more financial aid and expertise from its Pacific Islands Forum partners.

The Group was sent by the Forum to assess the state of the country ahead of next week's Forum leader's meeting in Suva.

One member, former Fiji Cabinet Minister, Filipe Bole, says they did not find a very encouraging picture.

He says they met hardly anyone prepared to speak favourably of the Government and of the country's prospects improving.

"We formed the opinion that it would take a longtime and it would be very difficult for the Solomon Islands to get out of trouble that it's in at the moment, unless there was some decision, taken by government. political decision that is, to do the right thing."

Filipe Bole.

He says the Forum nations need to use all their persuasive powers to get the Solomons Government to pull up its socks.