7 Aug 2002

Women in PNG's Chimbu Province say successful candidates won through violence and intimidation

4:01 pm on 7 August 2002

Women candidates in Papua New Guinea's Chimbu province have described the 2002 poll as the worst and darkest since independence.

Spokesperson, Sarah Garap, who contested the Chimbu Regional seat, says the vote could never be called the people's election or an expression of individual democratic rights as required by the constitution.

The National newspaper reports Ms Garap saying those elected are tribal warlords and she says they got into Parliament through excessive use of violence, leading to unfair and improper voting.

Ms Garap says 36 women contested the poll in the province, 28 for local government, seven for the Open, and two for regional, seats.

But none were successful.

Ms Garap says if the government was serious about women entering politics intimidation has to end.