7 Aug 2002

Solomon Islands pressure group wants prime minister to step down

5:22 pm on 7 August 2002

A newly-formed pressure group in the Solomon Islands is calling on the prime minister, Sir Allen Kemakeza, to step down.

The Peoples' Power Action Group is yet to put the demand to Sir Allen.

George Atkin reports from Honiara.

"The group in its second meeting in the national capital Honiara, had agreed that it will stage a public demonstration on August 19th, and the group spokesperson, Robert Wale, a former president of the Honiara city council, says Sir Allan will be asked to resign as PM. He says the group is unhappy with the Kemakeiza government, because it seems to be spending its energy on making time, rather than governing the nation with firm hands. Mr Wale says the group is also unhappy with the government's inability to meet its financial obligations and commitments, that it lacks future plans, and has simply allowed a number of ministries including the Prime Ministers office, to over spend budgetary allocations. He says the peoples action group has also agreed that it will demand Sir Allan not attend the Pacific Islands Forum meeting in Suva next week because there are pressing problems at home to be settled."