8 Aug 2002

Another New Caledonia government reshuffle

10:34 am on 8 August 2002

There has been another government reshuffle in New Caledonia - the second this month.

The minister in charge of labour, Francoise Horhant, has stepped down citing personal reasons and has been replaced by Georges Naturel.

Last week, Corinne Foluhea, who is also a member of the dominant RPCR Party, took over the portfolio of customary affairs from Raphael Mapou of the independent FCCI group.

The FCCI has decided to adhere to its coalition with the RPCR until at least October although it says it disagrees with the main party about its mining policies.

Last month, Mr Mapou was excluded from the government over the policy differences in a move that has caused tension within the party.