9 Aug 2002

Opposition MP in Solomons slams government and aid donors

4:18 pm on 9 August 2002

The Solomon Islands Government and its foreign aid donors have come under heavy criticism from the Opposition.

this report from George Atkin in Honiara.

"......Opposition spokesman on national development planning, Fred Fono, has criticised aid donors for not coming forward to help Solomon Islands during a difficult time."

He says although hospitals and health clinics have almost run out of medicinces, aid donors do not appear willing to help.

And Mr Fono has accused the Sir Allen Kemakeza Government of being slack in its negotiations for foreign assistance.

But the Prime Minister's spokesman Edward Kingmele says high level aid talks between the Government, Australia, the World Bank and the IMF will take place in Honiara on August 18th, and he says other high level aid talks are to take place later in the year.