13 Aug 2002

Fiji's chief justice is not ruling out regional judges for supreme court

4:43 pm on 13 August 2002

Fiji's new chief justice says he's not ruling out regional judges for the supreme court after stating that he'd like to use judges from Canada and South Africa.

Daniel Fatiaki says he'd like to be able to invite Canadian and South African judges to hear the government's appeal against a court ruling ordering the inclusion of the Labour party in the Qarase administration.

But, he says this doesn't mean that judges from New Zealand, Australia, Tonga and Papua New Guinea would be excluded from consideration.

Justice Fatiaki says there are specific reasons why he'd like to widen the pool.

"We have a similar sort of constitution to the south african constitution,and that's one of the reasons why I'm interested in south african judges sitting on our superior court.The south african constitutional court is also a specialised court, and has a very good reputation in it's judgements."

Justice Fatiaki also says he will be asking the government for more funds for the judiciary.