15 Aug 2002

Fiji's non-government organisations opposed to proposed new regulations

10:44 am on 15 August 2002

The director of the Fiji-based Pacific Concerns Resource Centre says there's no need for the government to further regulate NGOs.

Hilda Lini says the government already obtains sufficient information about NGOs in the applications to register their organisation.

Ms Lini says the PCRC won't be intimidated by the move which the attorney general, Qorinaisi Bale, says is aimed at preventing the destabilisation of the country.

"They should continue to develop a mechanism for healthy relationship and dialogue to continue with the NGOs and civil society groups instead of thinking of deregulating them if they are not working to what the government feels on certain issues."

Last year, the Citizen's Constitutional Forum had its registration cancelled after it mounted a series of high profile legal challenges against the interim administration.

The attorney general has denied that the move to regulate NGOs is designed to eliminate civil society groups.