15 Aug 2002

Indonesian police summon Papuan leaders

4:04 pm on 15 August 2002

Police in Indonesia's Papua province have summoned a group of political activists and a leader of the Free Papua Movement or OPM accused of waging a rebellion in West Biak.

The Els-ham himan rights group says police issued the summonses to OPM leader, Melkanius Awom, two members of two village councils and two members of the West Biak traditional council as part of an operation, codenamed Adil Matoa, launched last month.

Operasi Adil Matoa is directed against people who support the separation of Papua from Indonesia.

Police have warned that they will attack a training centre in West Biak if the leaders fail to comply with the orders,

It's unclear whether Melkanius Awom will comply as he has been in hiding for 36 years.