19 Aug 2002

Court action after Solomons group refused permission to march

4:25 pm on 19 August 2002

Solomon Islands' People's Power Action Group is to make a High Court challenge to a police decision refusing it permission to stage a public demonstration in the capital, Honiara.

This report from our correspondent, George Atkin......

"The demonstration was to have taken place today and the group would have used it to call on the Prime Minister Sir Allen Kemakeza to step down as leader. The groups leader Robert Wallis says the High court will hear the challenge on Wednesday August 21st. He says the group will challenge the police decision because it contravenes its members democratic right to show their disappointment with the Sir Allen Kemakeza leadership. Mr Wallis reiterates his group is unhappy with the governments inability to meet it's financial obligations and commitments on time and it lacks tangible future plans to rebuild the shattered national economy"