19 Aug 2002

Chaudhry rules out more talks with Fiji's Prime Minister

6:22 pm on 19 August 2002

Fiji's Labour party leader, Mahendra Chaudhry, says he has no plans to speak to the country's Prime Minister until Supreme Court judges are appointed to hear the final appeal over the make-up of the Cabinet.

The government has challenged an Appeal Court finding that Labour should have been included under the Constitution.

Mr Chaudhry delayed talks with the Prime Minister last week because he failed to condemn racist remarks made by one of his party in parliament.

He says Laisenia Qarase gave the MP tacit support by failing to condemn the remarks.

"If the Prime Minister wants to talk to the leaders of the Indian community he and his ministers must learn to respect the Indians. I'm not going to sit with him and talk matters of national interest, to address and resolve issues which are of concern both to him and us if he does not do anything about ministers who have insulted us we have self respect"

Fiji's Labour party leader, Mahendra Chaudry,