21 Aug 2002

Claim that Tongan leaders failed students involved in destructive spree

6:00 pm on 21 August 2002

Tongan MP Akilisi Pohiva says a costly destructive spree at a local college is a sign of failure by Government leaders.

224 students from Tupou College are to re-appear in court on September 4th on wilful damages charges.

They allegedly caused tens of thousands of dollars damage in trashing facilities and machinery at Tonga College last week.

It follows a similar incident involving the colleges five years ago.

Akilisi Pohiva says Parliamentarians, and church and Government leaders have toured the wrecked site at Tonga College, and are very concerned at the destruction.

But he says it is an indication that the leaders have failed in their duty to the students.

"An indication that there is a failure on the part of the system, you know to provide the right you know, strategy, in order to avoid that kind of behavior."