22 Aug 2002

Action over alleged conspiracy in Vanuatu still possible

10:25 am on 22 August 2002

Vanuatu police may bring further charges over the controversial appointment of Mael Apisai as Police Commissioner.

That appointment, since quashed, led to the arrest of 15 senior public officials on charges of seditious conspiracy.

Magistrate, Kawai Kawaiu, threw out the charges saying they had been laid without the written consent of the Public Prosecutor, Heather Leo Lini.

But he said this did not stop the police from pursuing the matter afresh.

Paul Willie Reuben, the Assistant Commissioner Responsible for Police Services, says they are pursuing the seditious conspiracy charge, and are working closely with the Public Prosecutor.

"What we are looking at is the information that we have, I mean the police have already collected and this information has to be compiled properly and brought before the public prosecutor to look into the file."

Paul Willie Reuben.

He says they are also looking into possible breaches of the Leadership Code by the officials. .