26 Aug 2002

The Niue Government will this week re-submit its Budget

11:08 am on 26 August 2002

The Niue Government will this week re-submit its Budget, and the Premier Young Vivian is confident it will pass.

The Budget, delayed from July, failed to get past its first reading a fortnight ago, with those voting against it including the Deputy Premier, Sani Lakatani.

Mr Lakatani was then sacked by Mr Vivian.

The island is facing a huge deficit and the first version of the budget contained cuts to child allowances, means tests for the pension, and cuts to grants for village councils and churches.

Young Vivian says they have made some minor adjustments, such as restoring the grants to village councils, and dropping the child allowance cuts.

Mr Vivian says he is confident the Budget will pass this week.

"There has been a lot of debate right throughout the last week since the budget was rejected in the first reading. The people have been on talkback telling the House to get on with it, pass the budget so we can move on. So I think the people will come, the Assembly People will come round and be together and pass the budget."