28 Aug 2002

Fiji senator says indigenous people have right to leadership

10:47 am on 28 August 2002

A Fiji government senator says indigenous Fijians have the right to leadership of the country because they own most of the land and aeter resources of the country.

Senator Ratu Inoke Takiveikata has told the Upper House that genuine harmony can only come to the country if this right is recognised.

The Daily Post quotes him as saying he is not threatening or being racist but asserting the lawful indigenous claim as exists elsewhere in the world.

Senator Takiveikata, who is facing a charge of conspiracy in relation to the November 2000 army mutiny, says indigenous people own most of the land elsewhere in the world and it is they who rule.

He says he cannot understand the hostility shown to indigenous Fijians when they seek what is naturally, logically and legally theirs.

Senator Takiveikata says indigenous Fijians have made it clearin every election since independence that they do not want to share political power with anyone else.

He says when everyone understands and appreciates this, then they will understand the reasons for the 1987 and 2000 coups and the political crisis confronting the country.