28 Aug 2002

Prefects in Samoa's schools used to help control problem of student fighting

4:35 pm on 28 August 2002

The principal of Samoa's Avele College says a further meeting will be held with other high school heads to discuss using prefects to control fighting among students.

Aiga Esera says during a meeting between the principals and the education department it was agreed that prefects be used to assist teachers in student discipline.

The meeting came after some students needed hospital treatment after a brawl between students of rival colleges.

Mrs Esera says the principals are concerned about a growing trend among parents to leave it to the schools to discipline their children.

She says the problem has got to the point where prefects be called in to monitor and stop students from fighting.

"The prefects of the schools, they stand as leaders, helping the principals, monitor the schools, especially when they are dismissed. It's a discipline thing. It's a pity the school and principal and teachers are now involved, where as the matter should be a family thing. The parents should be responsible for their own children., - teach them manners."

Aiga Esera in Apia.