29 Aug 2002

Four Fiji cabinet ministers are linked to so-called Mafia Queen

11:40 am on 29 August 2002

Cabinet ministers in two former Fiji governments have been linked to an Asian immigration racket.

Fiji TV reports that despite warnings from intellegence agencies, the leading player in the Fiji Asian underworld has been allowed to stay in the country.

It says when the woman known as the Mafia Queen of Fiji was ordered deported, no less than four ministers rushed to protect her and wrote to the immigration department supporting her fight to stay.

The ministers were from the former Rabuka and Chaudhry governments.

The Mafia Queen has been in Fiji since 1990 despite not having a residency or work permit, and has been linked to prostitution, gambling, money laundering and people smuggling rackets.

At one time she married an asian to avoid deportation but filed for divorce the next day.

Fiji police claim they have no reports on her activities but several months ago Fiji newspapers reported that her police files had gone missing.

Fiji TV says intellegence services are now working together to remove her from the country.

It says they have obtained witness statements which they have locked up well away from the police.