30 Aug 2002

New Zealand announces Pacific aid partnership programme in Johannesburg

4:04 pm on 30 August 2002

The New Zealand government has launched a three quarter of a million US dollar Pacific partnership programme to address key issues in the region such as water, energy and disaster management.

The partnership programme was launched by New Zealand's Associate Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister, Marian Hobbs at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg.

Participants in the partnership programme will include donor countries such as the United States, Australia, businesses, local level governments and non government organisations.

The 10 step partnership programme aims to develop strategies to tackle issues such as HIV/AIDs and the implementation of a regional action plan for water management.

Other regional initiatives will include the conservation of the natural resources, flora and fauna of region as well as the protection of traditional knowledge.

Issues affecting individual island countries will be handled by the New Zealand Agency for International Development or NZAID.

Such initiatives include community level sustainable livelihoods, education and zero waste.