2 Sep 2002

Lawyers in Solomons urge government to consider Harold Keke a criminal not a leader

11:18 am on 2 September 2002

The Solomon Island's Bar Association has urged the government to acknowledge that a local leader is no longer a liberation fighter but a criminal.

Harold Keke said last month he killed the Minister of Youth, Sports and Women's Affairs, Father Augustine Geve, alleging the MP misused money intended for the people of Guadalcanal's Weathercoast.

The Bar Associations President, Gabriel Suri, told the Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation that Mr Keke, the leader of the Guadalcanal Liberation Front, was no longer a political saviour, nor a liberation fighter.

Mr Suri said the people of Guadalcanal need to realise that they must help the police to arrest Mr Keke and bring him to justice.

Last week, the Police Minister said he needed help from Australia and New Zealand to detain the local leader