5 Sep 2002

Papua Praesidium calls for international inquiry into Freeport killings

10:34 am on 5 September 2002

The Papua Presidium has called on the United States to withhold military assistance to Indonesia, until an inquiry into the killing of three people at the Freeport mine on Saturday has been conducted.

It wants that inquiry to be international.

Three people, including two Americans were shot dead in an attack Indonesia is blaming on members of the separatist OPM.

Many independence activists and NGOs have accused the military of being involved.

But the secretary general of the Presidium, Thaha Mohammad Al Hamid, who's in New York, says that people need to refrain from accusing the police, the Army, or anybody until the result of an international investigation is known.

He says the Presidium does not want to speculate until a complete investigation is finished, but he says the People of Papua no longer believe in any investigation by the police of Indonesia.