6 Sep 2002

PNG administrator accuses police of wasting time

10:46 am on 6 September 2002

The West New Britain admininstrator in Papua New Guinea has accused police of fabricating an assault allegation.

West New Britain police received a complaint against William Padio and have launched an investigation after he allegedly assaulted four families on a Kimbe beach at the weekend.

However, Mr Padio says he did not assault anyone and he only had a heated discussion with men who had been involved in a family feud.

Mr Padio says the police wasting time and creating an investigation out of nothing.

"The police who are here seem to take sides. Police have asked for payments of allowances from the disaster money and I refuse completely. That's why they are so angry and use that against me rather than a genuine case of assault."

Mr Padio says police should not touch money that has been set aside to help people affected by the Mt Pago volcanic eruptions.