9 Sep 2002

More Fiji sugar farmers set to face eviction

4:25 pm on 9 September 2002

More sugarcane farmers in Fiji are expected to be evicted from their landowning units as part of the transfer of Crown Schedule A and B lands to the Native Land Trust Board.

The Daily Post quotes the Sugar Cane Growers Council chief executive, Jaganath Sami, as saying families on more than 17-hundred lease holdings will have to go in the near future.

Mr Sami says the farmers were already faced with an uncertain future and the transfers had put them in a more difficult position.

He says the land transfers were intiated by the previous government and had now been adpoted by the current government.

The Fiji Labour Party has denied intiating the land transfers and party spokesman John Ali says Mr Sami should get his facts right.

Mr Ali says it was the SVT government that mooted the idea of the transfer.