10 Sep 2002

Vanuatu prosecutor to leave mutiny case

10:15 am on 10 September 2002

The public prosecutor in Vanuatu, Heather Leo Lini, says she may leave the mutiny case to someone else because of a conflict of intrerest.

The case against 26 police has been adjourned until the middle of next week and Ms Lini says she may be replaced.

Those charged with mutiny and inciting mutiny had rounded up senior officials in a dawn raid last month after alleging that the officials had conspired to appoint a new police commissioner who was not shortlisted for the position.

Ms Lini says she would like someone else to take over the prosecution because she had been working with about 20 of the suspects.

And she says those charged have all been reinstated into the police force.

"In the best interests of security for Port Vila, we thought that the best approach is for them to go back on certain conditions imposed by the court and abide by those conditions until the nineteenth of September when they come back for preliminary inquiry hearing"

Heather Leo Lini