10 Sep 2002

American Samoa shows little enthusiasm for election

5:10 pm on 10 September 2002

The deputy director of the American Samoa electoral office, Fili Magaeo, says there's a lack of enthusiam for November's general election.

Official ballots for local-absentee voters opened this morning and remain open till November the 4th, the day before the election, but Mr Magaeo says many people are apathetic about voting.

The election decides who will be the territory's congressional representative and the 17 faipule district representatives.

Mr Magaeo says he expects only about 35 percent of eligible people to register.

"When we have the governor on the ballot everybody's running to support the governor because they know when the governor wins his side will get the job he's looking for. The governor can handle our job, the congressional, they don't have any job. If you ride on a horse with the governor, and your governor wins, you got a payback."

Fili Magaeo