18 Jul 2002

American and Japanese veterans to mark Battle of Guadalcanal anniversary

10:29 am on 18 July 2002

More than one hundred American and Japanese World War Two veterans and friends are expected in Honiara eary next month for the 60 anniversary of the Battle of Guadalcanal.

The battle, one of the bloodiest campaigns of the Pacific War, began on August 7th 1942.

John Innes, a local businessman, who has been trying for several years to establish a military heritage trail commemorating the battle, says Japanese and American veterans will be brought together for the anniversary.

"We're anticipating about 100 Americans and about 10 Japanese who are making a special trip to be with us at the time.They're going to be here for about a week - we're going to be travelling around the battle sites and culminating in the ceremonies that will be held on the 7th of August, for both the Japanese and the American memorials. It's going to be quite a show, - it;s shaping up quite nicely."

John Innes.

During the ceremonies American veterans, and the US Government, will make a special presentation to Solomon Islands veterans, acknowledging their contribution during the battle.