3 Jul 2002

Call for transparency in Royal Tongan Airlines restruturing

12:12 pm on 3 July 2002

The director of the Tongan Human Rights and Democracy Movement, Lopeti Senituli, says there is a lack of transparency in the restructuring of Royal Tongan Airlines.

Mr Senituli says the Prime Minister, Prince Ulukalala Lavaka Ata, last week wrote to the board of RTA, instructing them to resign.

But he says the Prince's company, Shoreline, which already has control of the Tongan Electricity Power Board, has expressed an interest in the airline.

And Mr Senituli says the Finance minister, Siosiua 'Utoikamanu, who was a member of the board, knows of no moves to restructure the airline.


The minister for finance expressed surprise when he recieved the letter of instruction to resign, so there's quite clearly some lack of communication and also a lack of awareness amongst the decision makers themselves.

Lopeti Senituli says he hasn't been able to gain an explanation from the Prime Minister, who is overseas.