16 Sep 2002

Fiji reconciliation report says Indo-Fijian success resented

4:35 pm on 16 September 2002

A new report from the taskforce on National Reconciliation set up by the Fiji Government says the economic success of Indo Fijians causes resentment in the indigenous community.

The taskforce spokesman, Mr Paula Sotutu, says Indians have done well in the fields of education and commerce and left indigenous Fijians behind.

The report says many of the problems reflect the differences between the indigenous Fijians' more broad-based communal culture and the tight-knit, unit-based Indian culture which it says helps them succeed in business.

He says the indigenous Fijian community would do well to emulate the Indians in business but the individual approach is frowned upon.

"business prosperity does not sort of matter as far as they are concerned...it is very hard for them to get places, with the fact that to take the whole community along is not on and when some one wants to break away they are being labelled a selfish person just like the Indo-Fijians."

Paula Sotutu.