17 Sep 2002

A call for unity in PNG on Independence Day

5:09 pm on 17 September 2002

Papua New Guineans have been called on to unite, take full responsibility for past mistakes and move forward.

In an address for PNG's 27th Independence celebrations yesterday, the Speaker of Parliament, Bill Skate, told Papua New Guineans they should treat such occassions as "rejuvenating days."

The National newspapers reports he said that such days are a symbol of a nation's maturity, a reminder of where the best of the country can be found and most importantly to establish the path taken so far.

Mr Skate says the days of shifting blame and passing the buck are well and truly over.

Similar sentiments were expressed by the Governor General Sir Silas Atopare.

He said Papua New Guineans must reaffirm their commitment to the national constitution and the democratic values and principles for which it stands.

Sir Silas says these values must be guarded and promoted as a way of life so that everyone can live in harmony.