17 Sep 2002

PNG electricity generator asks people to cut consumption because of low dam levels

6:04 pm on 17 September 2002

The Papua New Guinea electricity provider, PNG Power, has appealed to people in Port Moresby to save power and water, because three generators have failed.

The acting chief executive of PNG Power, Lawrence Solomon, says people living in the capital need to monitor the amount of power they are using.

Mr Solomon says his company's capacity has fallen by nearly 40 megawatts due to the failed generators.

He says water levels are also low at the Sirinumu dam , which provides hydro-electricity for the region.

Mr Solomon says it will take at least 2 months of power saving before Port Moresby's normal capacity could be met.

He says if the situation doesn't improve soon, drastic measures would be needed.

"If there 's a need to then I'll talk to the City Council, and agree on what we should do, and if necessary we can switch off some of the street lights, the problem is not on the agenda yet, but as time goes, obviously, we may have think about it."

Lawrence Solomon.