19 Sep 2002

OPM dismisses attack letter on Freeport as government propoganda

10:18 am on 19 September 2002

The Free Papua Movement, the OPM is alleging that a letter claiming that the separatist group orchestrated last month's Freeport mine ambush was fabricated by the Indonesian government.

The OPM's International spokesman, Dr John Ondawame says that the letter, allegedly signed by an OPM militant commander, Titus Morib, is government propoganda to undermine the movement's role in the peace process.

Australian media reported that the US owned Freeport-McMoran copper and gold mine and the Indonesian government received the letter a few days after the ambush which killed two Americans.

It was also reported that the letter warned that the OPM was going to embark on a three month campaign against commercial interests in Papua.

The OPM claims that the Freeport ambush was an Indonesian military operation.

Dr Ondawame says the letter is false as all OPM factions have committed to peacefully resolving issues they have with the Indonesian government.

"This letter is fabricated by the Indonesian government to undermine the credibility of the OPM and undermine the peace process that is taken an initiative by the OPM and the Free Papua Presidium. So it is a very usual tactic used by the Indonesian government to undermine the peace process of West Papua."

Dr John Ondawame from the OPM