23 Sep 2002

Opposition spokesman in Solomon Islands says donors against change of government

11:59 am on 23 September 2002

Solomon Islands Opposition spokesman on Foreign Affairs, Alfred Sasako, says some of the country's major aid donors are actively cautioning against any change in government.

He says this is happening while donors continue to withhold aid funding until the government shows progress in its effort to re-establish law and order.

But Mr Sasako says the status quo in Solomons Islands is of a government backing sectional interests amid a breakdown in the health and education systems.

Mr Sasako says the people of the Solomons, not international donors should be deciding what is right for the country:

"They seem to be supporting the idea that the people, the masses, can continue to suffer because they don't want to see any change in government and leadership in this country. I think they should reassess their own thinking and bringing some humanity."