24 Sep 2002

Moves to shut down controversial logging company in PNG

5:47 pm on 24 September 2002

The Governor of Papua New Guinea's Western Province says he will meet with the Minister of Forests to discuss shutting down the logging operations of the Malaysian based company, Concord Pacific.

Dr Bob Danaya says a meeting will be held tomorrow morning to discuss Concorde Pacific which he says has been illegally felling trees in the Kiunga-Aiambak area .

Dr Danaya's comments came after he witnessed the company's activities from onboard Greenpeace's Arctic Sunrise during the weekend.

He says the move to close down Concord Pacific is the first step in getting rid of corruption in the area.

"It is my duty, to ensure that our natural resouces in the province are protected. National government must ensure that justice is done at all levels. 95% of the people do not benefit. There is only 3 or 4 people that benefit from all the logs that have been felled, and that is unfair. That's why this logging operation has to cease"

Dr Bob Danaya