24 Sep 2002

Redundant soldiers in PNG to be evicted from barracks houses

6:35 pm on 24 September 2002

Up to 6-hundred discharged Papua New Guinea soldiers are to be forcefully evicted from their Murray Barracks homes this week.

The Post Courier reports that the Murray Barracks commanding officer Lieutenant-Colonel Roger Kipo says between 5-hundred and 6-hundred discharged soldiers were still living in institutional houses while more than 1-thousand soldiers were in settlements or crowding into single barracks.

Lt-Col Kipo says a major operation to clean out the Barracks would begin on Thursday.

He says soldiers who were discharged and retrenched have continued to live in their accommodation despite notice to leave three months ago.

Lt-Col Kipo says those who have been paid their final entitlements must go, however he says understanding will be given to those who have yet to receive full payment.

He says the clean-up would include a clamp down on illegal dependents, criminal activities in the barracks and general cleanliness.