25 Sep 2002

Papua New Guinea provincial government tolds to hand in all financial statements

3:06 pm on 25 September 2002

Provincial governments in the Southern and Mamose regions have been given 40 days to furnish all outstanding financial statements for presentation to the Papua New Guinea parliament.

The Parliamentary Public accounts Committee chairman, John Hickey gave the ultimatum after hearing explanations from provincial adminstrators as to why statments from as long ago as 1996 had not been presented.

The same ultimatum was given to the chairman of the National Economic and Fiscal Commission, Nao Badu, who has not provided a single report since its formation in 1998.

Mr Hickey says provincial adminstrators have the ultimate responsibility to provide statements for their governments and respective business arms.

He says reports should be in his office by November the 4th, before parliament resumes eight days later.