25 Sep 2002

American Samoa court rules that Sunni Groves family can evict tenant Star Kist Samoa Cannery off lan

3:06 pm on 25 September 2002

The High Court of American Samoa has ruled in favour of the owners of the Satala property on which the Star Kist cannery is located.

The Sunni Groves family filed a suit earlier in the year accusing the cannery of expanding their land boundaries without consent and refusing to pay an increase in lease payments.

In an 18-page ruling the High Court said that the Sunni Groves family is entitled to posession of the property and can evict the tenant Star Kist Samoa, which is the biggest employer in the territory.

The cannery is petitioning the court for a stay on the ruling.

The Star Kist Samoa general manager, Phil Thirkel, says their attorneys are talking with the Sunni Grove family to try and come to an agreeable lease rate.