25 Sep 2002

Solomon Islands cabinet to decide on police commissioner's future soon

3:36 pm on 25 September 2002

The Solomon islands police minister, Augustine Taneko, says cabinet will make a decision in the near future on whether to appoint an expatriate as the police commissioner.

Mr Taneko says the government is aware that the police executive want the current commissioner, Morton Siriheti, to remain in the post but they are discussing with aid donors the need to restructure the police force.

The police force has been compromised by its involvement in the ethnic unrest and has been riven by separate factions.

Mr Taneko says they need to talk with the police executive before a decision is made.

"We have to have some common understanding between the executive what they have passed as solutions and the government, that's the most important thing. We have to dialogue, two parties must got to sit down together and see the reasons to it and maybe that a common understanding got be made in both parties for the benefit of our nation, that's how I see it."

Mr Taneko says Mr Siriheti is doing a good job and law and order is mostly restored in the capital Honiara.

He says cabinet will discuss the issue within the next couple of weeks.