30 Sep 2002

Taiwanese vessel heads for Fiji with body of murdered captain

10:29 am on 30 September 2002

A Taiwanese fishing boat is expected to arrive in Fiji today carrying the body of its captain who was allegedly murdered on the high seas.

The Sunday Times newspaper, quoting a confidential report on the incident, says Captain Hsu Wu Chang's body was found in his cabin on the morning of September 19th.

The cook found the captain's body wrapped in a curtain quilt when he entered the cabin with the captain's breakfast.

There were gashes on the captain's right and left temples and blood on his pillow.

When the matter was reported to the ship's owners in Taiwan, they gave orders that it should proceed to Fiji accompanied by another company vessel.

A special team comprising Fiji police, navy customs and immigration are preparing to investigate the killing which was earlier described as a mutiny.