1 Oct 2002

Fiji government says Native Land Trust Board earned 36 million dollars over last three years

10:49 am on 1 October 2002

Fiji's parliament has been told that the Native Land Trust Board received over 36 million US dollars in rent from the leasing of indigenous land over the last three years.

The prime minister, Laisenia Qarase, said the revenue was shared among village chiefs, clan heads and ordinary members of the landowning units.

He said the NLTB's share of the revenue was 20 percent, dropping to 15 per cent in 2001.

He said the distribution of land rents was ten per cent for chiefs, five per cent for villahe heads, fifteen per cent for clan heads and the remaining seventy per cent to members of landowning units.

But Labour party MP, Poseci Bune, said there were too many middlemen involved and the share of the revenue that trickled down to ordinary members of landowning units was almost nothing.

Mr Bune asked if there was any plan to review the distribution formula but Mr Qarase said there was none.