7 Oct 2002

The Kiribati government survives a motion of no confidence

4:45 pm on 7 October 2002

The Kiribati government has survived a motion of no confidence after parliament spent about eight hours discussing problems with the ATR72 aircraft leased for Air Kiribati.

The MP for North Tabiteuea island, Taberannang Timeon, raised the issue following a series of questions about why the plane had not begun operating international services.

Mr Timeon said the long period that the plane had been out of service was a waste of taxpayers money.

The opposition has been very critical of the arrangements made by the government while negotiating with the French company, ATR.

The Government says there has been a delay in the plane becoming operational because it has not obtained an operator certificate

It says one should be forthcoming after a final inspection by a UK civil aviation official.

The country is due to go to the polls at the end of next month.