10 Oct 2002

Members of Parliament will debate vote of no confidence in government

11:29 am on 10 October 2002

Members of the Kiribati parliament are today debating a vote of no confidence in the government over what the Opposition claims is its failure to fulfill its political mandate.

The Opposition MP for North Tabiteuea Tabeanang Timeon says he is introducing the motion because of the government's failure to improve the country's public service.

The government narrowly defeated an earlier no confidence vote over an aircraft leased from the French carrier ATR and currently out of service.

Mr Timeon says the government is using public monies to pay for failed investments and to fund its campaign for next months elections.

"The government's theme is to make the lives of Kiribati people better. Money is going to improve this government's chances you know for being re-elected so it's not going to where it should be going. People are still grappling with their daily requirements, for food, housing, for water, taxes all those things."

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Tabeanang Timeon who says that it is unlikely that the vote of no confidence will succeed as there are only 16 opposition MPs in the 44 seat parliament.

He says he just wants to highlight the government's failure to fufill its mandate.