9 Oct 2002

Villagers in Papua New Guinea agree to relocate from volcano

1:23 pm on 9 October 2002

Thousands of people have agreed to be permanently relocated from their villages in the Papua New Guinea province of West New Britain as the Mt Pago volcano continues to erupt.

A spokesperson for the provincial administration, Fred Raka, says up to 8,000 people will move to land south of the volcano which is still emitting ash and lava flows, nearly two months after the initial eruption.

They are currently housed in nine care centres along with another 4,000 people who were also evacuated.

Mr Raka says the offer of customary land in a safer place is being welcomed by the villagers.


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Mr Raka says it's likely that resettlement will take place after the xmas period.

He says with the advent of the rainy season, work is taking place to build two of the nine care centres on stilts.

And, Mr Raka says health care workers have been monitoring people to ensure there's no outbreak of typhoid or cholera.