10 Oct 2002

Petrol supplies dwindling in American Samoa

11:28 am on 10 October 2002

American Samoa's governor Tauese Sunia, appearing on television last night, said the government only became aware of the low petrol supply last week and is looking at taking action against the oil companies for the shortage.

The governor said that government officials responsible for the tank farm must also shoulder responsibility for not keeing a close watch on the oil companies and available supplies.

He said the contract with the oil companies required them to maintain a ten day supply in reserve and Mobil and BP did not meet this requirement.

He also revealed that a Mobil tanker which caught fire and was blamed for the shortage was not scheduled to call at the territory.

Tauese warned that as of yesterday available supplies would last only four days.

He said oil companies were trying to divert tankers to American Samoa as soon as possible and arrangements were also being made for fuel to be shipped from Fiji, pending Coast guard approval.